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1) Turn off all the heat in your house and open the windows wide. Walk around in short sleeves and dip your fingers and toes in bowls of ice water every 10-15 minutes. This will do nothing to help you lose weight but it will help train you for the misery that anorexia brings in the form of being constantly cold. You are not allowed reprieve from this “feel the cold” stage as you will never be warm again until you recover.

2) Visit your hairdresser and ask her to pluck 25-50% of the hair from your head. While you’re at it ask her to over-process your hair with whatever chemicals she had on hand. If the over-processing makes you lose even more hair that’s even better. This step will get you used to the dry, brittle, falling out hair you’ll have once you’re nutrient deprived.

3) If you plan on purging you should visit your dentist and ask them to grind all the enamel off your teeth. While there also ask if they can pull out a couple of existing fillings. Your teeth will be wrecked soon anyway so you may as well get a head start and learn what it feels like to have super sensitive teeth once your enamel is gone.

4) Ignore all your friends. Don’t tell them why. Don’t do anything that would give them a chance to try and stop you from cutting them out. You will likely feel utterly miserable. Learn to expect that. You will feel miserable during every day of your eating disorder anyway. The loneliness is a key part of this misery.

5) If you’re in school you should throw away all your textbooks and order their equivalents in a foreign language. This stage will get you started on the cognitive difficulties you will suffer once malnutrition sets in. In a few months of anorexia you will feel like everything is in a foreign language anyway since you can’t read it because your malnourished brain has made you stupid.

6) If you have a job ask your boss to start withholding half your pay. With the amount of sick days you have once your e.d. is bad, you’re going to lose half of your pay anyway. This will help you get used to that. In 3 months you should quit your job with no backup plan. This will let you know what it feels like to be fired because your e.d. made you a lousy employee.

7) Throw away your calendar. Stop asking people their name. Leave your backpack and purse at home every time you go out. You need to learn what it’s like to live without a memory. As well as making you stupid malnutrition will rob you of your memory. Stand up every ten minutes to make sure you turned off the kettle/iron/tap. You know you are forgetful and you are anxious about that. Do this all day every day. You will soon forget why anyway as your memory becomes utterly useless.

8) Throw away all your moisturizer, body wash, anything that makes your skin soft and lovely. Like your hair you need to feel what it’s like for that to be dry and fragile. Think back to the last time you fell down a flight of stairs. With your malnourished body and skin you will feel like that every single day. You will wake up bruised and aching and scraped and you won’t know why. The answer is your e.d. The answer to all misery is your e.d.

9) Lock yourself in a dark room. Put up spotlights everywhere else in the house. Do not shower. Do not even wash your face. Play music that makes you sad. When it’s time for bed play a CD of a jackhammer. The ED will rob your ability to sleep well and you need to experience that. If all of this sounds like torture…it is. With this ED you will be sad, and scared, and panicked all the time. This emotional hell will rob you of the ability to do tasks as simple as brushing your teeth.

10) Write a list of every good thing you want out of life. Burn it. As long as you have an eating disorder that is all you will have. You will watch every good thing go up in smoke.

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Seriously what it’s like. Hate pro ed.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesha is worshiped at the commencement of all undertakings in faith as the remover of all obstacles to one’s success, the provider of protection and wisdom, and he is often seated at the entrance of temples and shrines. Great preceptors, holy shrines, and sacred texts all hail Ganesha as the God of dharma, the symbol of wisdom, and the protector of all religious rituals. As with many of the Hindu gods and goddesses, Ganesa is known by many names, and any list is bound to be incomplete. Regardless of one’s philosophical viewpoint, all Hindus venerate Ganesha.

The most popular belief about the birth of Ganesha states that Parvati required a guard at the door to her chamber as Shiva was away from home. She created a young boy and stationed him at the entrance to her chamber, and instructed him to prevent anyone from entering into her chamber. 

Shortly thereafter, Shiva returned and demanded access to Parvati. The boy, minding his mother’s injunction, declined to give him entry. Outraged, Shiva ordered his attendants to decapitate the child (in some versions it is Shiva himself who undertakes the act). When Parvati realizes that her husband beheaded her child, she demands that Shiva rectify the situation by finding her child a new head. Shiva put the head of an elephant on the child’s headless body; this is Ganesha.
- The Encyclopedia of Hinduism

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Yoga was lovely today

When my friends give me examples of when I’ve been manic:



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You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

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